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There are a number of organisations out there but there is a difference between being a martial art insurance broker and a martial art service. We are both.

You can get an organisation that offers an insurance cover for instructors, students and equipment but very limited in real martial art needs. They base membership on the WANTS of the officers and neglect the NEEDS of real martial artists.  They get your money and you hear very little from them until the renewal time.

We supply both you and your students both Wants and Needs because the founder for MAAS is a person who battled and challenged the martial art political establishments based on not serving the needs. His records, reputation speaks for itself and MAAS was founded by him based on changes within the martial ways. He knows the difference between martial arts, martial sports and the realities of real self-defence. He knows whatever the style; wants and needs must work together catering for everyone.

Just study the history over the past 50 years. He is a recognised and established grandmaster in his own right, respected throughout the world and has qualifications/recognitions coupled with a vast knowledge of over 50 years’ practical experience. At this time 2017 he has reached the age of 77 years he still teaches and competes on the mat, in the ring and cage. What else can one want as a reference? Indeed, at his Surrey dojo the evidence can be witnessed going back to 1958.

Yes, but subject to the clubs wants. It has promoted events covering most activities. However, over the year’s changes and different interests had to be catered for and MAAS was always the first to tread into unknown territory, experiment with new ideas others feared to try.

In the past  many sat on the fence watching and criticising the mistakes not recognising, anyone who try new ideas are entitled to make mistakes and  Viking/Nunchaku combat is just one example. An idea that was tried and tested and enjoyed by many juniors today. It’s now known as gladiator combat

Back in the 1970’s when there were conflicts between traditions and free style. MAAS was the pioneers of semi contact kick boxing. It invited point fighters into the ring where they were unable to move off the mat when under pressure.

MAAS also founded Kick Jitsu and Combat Jitsu, in those days, the founder shouted loud and clear, “Put up or shut up!” and over many years his critics followed him having seen the light towards freedom within the martial ways.

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